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Monday to Friday  9.00 to 5.30    This is a FREE service

Call outs from £ 45.00

Same day service for urgent faults

We don't have any Sales people 

We don't have an answering service

We Do have Qualified Telephone Engineers

Talk Directly to a Telephone Engineer now !


Did you know most company's can save money on the cost of lines and calls .. let us do a quick comparison on you're telephone bill to find out how much you could be saving


Fed up with being told that your phone system needs replacing ! Thats its too old !  We  keep old systems running for years.. using re furbished parts.  at a fraction of the cost of renewing the whole system or supplying and installing re furbished systems at a fraction of the cost of a new system 





Broadband Problems are also something that we can fix. Slow speeds, dropping out and intermittent connections are all to common. If we cant fix it.. We wont charge you !!


From fixing a faulty wire to supplying a brand new telephone system we can help. In fact its what we do best ! We don’t have any sales people, just engineers. You can be sure that when we turn up to do a job it’s done right, first time, and with no fuss.


Computer cabling, Cat 5,6 and fibre are also a big part of our work. Internal, external and spanning cables between buildings is all in a days work.


Residential or Business 


We are just as happy taking on residential work as well. Extra sockets, broadband problems, and dead lines. In fact we pride ourselves at solving problems that others walk away from.


Call now and chat with Michael on 01733 235000


No job is too small

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Panasonic KX-TA 624

Panasonic KX-TEA 308

Panasonic KT-TEA 824

Panasonic KT-TDA 15/30

Panasonic NCP500


NEC SV8100

BT Versatility

BT Meridian


Telephone Engineer Telephone Engineer